Guests have their say…

Cougal Park weaves a certain magic over our guests – it causes them to write beautiful things and send them to us…

  • Good food, good company, a wonderful few days, thankyou. Jen, Ralph & Sven, Oxford
  • A tower of class in the bush. Great food & company. It’s good to know that there are still people looking after the very imortant assets of this country. keep up the good work, thanks for the experience. Jan & Ken, Townsville.
  • Thankyou for your hospitality. One of the most beautiful and quiet places of Australia. Jan & Sjoerdtje, Netherlands.
  • The ambiance is terrific. It was a memorable experience. Marie, Dallas, Texas USA.
  • For sure a remarkable and relaxing stay, something to remember! A warm welcome in a splendid environment.Niki & Else, Belgium
  • We were astounded by your talent and dedication & wish you continued success in this magnificent endeavour. Thankyou. Roger & Sarah. Brisbane.
  • Probably the first Frenchie here, surely not the last. Thanks for everything. And “Bravo” for your job. Don’t change anything. Just Perfect. Jean-Christophe, Marseille France.
  • We really enjoyed staying in your lovely haven. Thanks for sharing your lifestyle and accommodating our diets! We look forward to coming back someday. Jeff, Laura, Katherine & Andrea. Durham, North Carolina USA.
  • Magic weekend – thank you for inviting us to enjoy your hospitality. Words can’t describe all of our enjoyments. Lloyd & Margaret, Brisbane.
  • The wit, the conversation, the food, the accommodation, the surroundings, the hospitality. Simply superb. Sharon & Bill, Brisbane.
  • Two ‘special’ people doing ‘special’ things in a ‘special’ part of our precious country Thankyou.. George & Pru, Canberra.
  • Elizabeth & Hugh – Thankyou. May the awe inspiring wonder of the splendour of this place fill your souls and sustain you always. Margaret & Neville, Brisbane.
  • Well, we are back again. We just keep coming back. This place is so great. Julie & Bryan, Brisbane